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It's Spring: Time for Termites, Carpenter Ants, and Bees
With Mike Cantor of Pest Blaster: 215-295-5555 and Mike has been a regular on The House Whisperer Show through the years. With spring rapidly approaching, you can count on these little pests coming out of the earth and potentially wreaking havoc on your home. I ask that you listen to this show, as all homes can be vulnerable to these insects.
Email Box Revisted (Vol. 6)
Once again, I dig deep into the email box to respond to letters that I feel will benefit all of my listeners. The topics of today's show include: insulation and high energy bills, inspection organizations, mold, and the compliance statement that is required for Pennsylvania home inspectors to utilize. Listen in, especially if you are getting ready to buy real estate.
Revisit With Rob Bruno From Boro Exterminating
610-586-5640 and Rob has been one of our long time sponsors, and I always enjoy having him on the air. Even though it's spring, we spend a few minutes talking about why you should still test your house for radon, and then we discuss some of the more interesting treatments that he has done in his career. Listen in, and if you happen to see any of those pesky swarms of termites, I would suggest that you reach out to Boro Exterminating.
How To Keep Little Critters Out of Your Home
With Mike Cantor of Pest Blaster (215-295-5555 or Mike has been a regular on The House Whisperer Show throughout the years. With fall around the corner, I thought it would be prudent to have Mike come back on the air and talk about those pesky little varmints that can work their way into our homes, as they don't want to be left out in the cold. Listen in, because before you know it, you're going to be keeping those windows closed and raising your thermostat.
Rain and mold: Have You Had Enough This Summer?
As you may well remember, the summer of 2013 was particularly wet and hot. How many times did you have your gutters overflow and water infiltration into your home through all the nooks and crannies that you never knew you had? Listen in, as I explain the reasons for this water intrusion and methods that may help protect you and your home in the future.
How to Protect Your Home from the Invasion of Mice
With Mike Cantor As you begin to rake the leaves away from your house this season, it is imperative that you take a good look around to make sure that any and all penetrations (even as small as the size of a dime) are properly sealed. This segment welcomes Mike Cantor, the owner of Pest Blaster, and we discuss how to best protect your home against mice infestation, and simple methods of repair that all homeowners can do to prevent this occurrence.
Jack Answers Listener Emails
This segment is dedicated to the faithful listeners of The House Whisperer Show. Over the past weeks, I have received numerous questions from my listeners that I wanted to address. From the beginning, The House Whisperer Show has been dedicated to my listeners. This show will cover questions regarding common elements in everyone's home, including the use of central humidifiers, heat pumps, filter maintenance, properly operating your air conditioning system, termites in cold weather periods, and opinions about buying a home during the questionable government shutdown. I ask that you listen in and respond back to if there are any questions that you would like to put before me.
Myths vs. Reality: Radon and Wood Destroying Insects in Cold Weather
How Can it Vary? With Rob Bruno Rob Bruno, who owns Boro Exterminating Company, has been one of my sponsors over the last three years, between two different radio stations. Rob visits us again to discuss wood destroying insects, and how they can thrive, or not thrive, during cold weather periods. We discuss the common wood destroying insects; termites, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants. Then we go in a different direction, and discuss radon testing, as Boro Exterminating also conducts radon testing in their service market. I ask that you listen in to set the record straight, especially being a homeowner, and not let those pesky insects take control of your home.
Mold or Biological Organisms: What Should We Know and How Do We Test?
With Mike Cantor From Pest Blaster: 215-295-5555 Mike has been a regular on The House Whisperer Show through the years. I brought Mike back because now that winter is FINALLY over, it's time for us to take a look around our homes, especially in the basement where due to this past winter's snowfalls, lack of power, and overall inconvenience, there could be mold and/or biological organisms that have appeared in the dark recesses of our basements without our knowledge. Listen in, as Mike and I discuss what can bring on mold and how we should test for it.
How to Hire a Professional Contractor
With Ken Neudecker From Neudecker Construction: 215-443-9200 I've known Ken for well over 25 years. He is my go-to guy in cases when I come across a home inspection where there are serious structural issues that could be related to water infiltration, wood destroying insect damage, or just typical settlement in an older home. I asked Ken to spend some time with me so that he could share with all of us how to hire a professional contractor, and especially how to plan time frames, as no project can be dreamed up today and completed tomorrow.
Wood Destroying Insects, Chemicals & Applications
Interview with Rob Bruno of Boro Exterminating (610-237-1143) Rob Bruno has been an advertiser of mine since I started in radio over 3 years ago. I've known Rob professionally for well over 20 years, and with all of my clients through Tri-County Inspection Company I align these folks with the best people in the business. Boro Exterminating, based out of Glenolden, PA, is a multi-generation wood destroying insect company, which also provides radon services. Today's discussion covers wood destroying insects, toxicity of the chemicals, applications and regulations, as well as inspections. We also discuss what to do around particular areas, such as wells and streams. We discuss how to know if you have termites, if your house has been treated, and what causes re-infestation by termites. I ask that you listen in to Rob and I, and if you are looking for a very good wood destroying insect company, please reach out to Boro.
Phil Getty From Boucher & James
(215-345-9400) I brought back Phil Getty, who is an environmental hydro geologist, to discuss home exterior plant issues. Phil has been a previous guest on this show, and I asked that he revisit The House Whisperer to talk about some of the effects that plants can have on your home. We discuss putting any type of flowers or grass on a septic field, how vegetation can improve energy efficiency on a house, concerns about planting bushes and trees too close to the home, shotgun spores from your mulch, ivy on your home, and even bamboo. Listen in, as you may start to look at the plants around your home a little differently.

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