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The Email Box Revisited: Vol.5
Once again, I dive into the trove of emails and pick out a few to help answer questions that I feel will benefit everybody. Today's topics include selling in the winter market, fireplace cleaning, water actuated sump pump backup systems, and dated water heaters. A few other little surprises await your ears.
Email Box Revisted (Vol. 6)
Once again, I dig deep into the email box to respond to letters that I feel will benefit all of my listeners. The topics of today's show include: insulation and high energy bills, inspection organizations, mold, and the compliance statement that is required for Pennsylvania home inspectors to utilize. Listen in, especially if you are getting ready to buy real estate.
Email Box Revisited: Vol. 8
Delving into the email box is one of my favorite activities. I choose topics that I feel everyone can take full advantage of. Today's topics include: how to run your air conditioning more efficiently, especially during the hottest part of the summer, maintaining your lawn, installing air conditioning in older properties, concerns with older twin homes that require slate roof replacement, and building a garage (with the wife's permission). Listen in, as some of these topics may apply to you.
Email Box Revisited: Volume 9
Once again, I delve deep down into the email box and pull out letters from my listeners about topics that I feel are relevant to everybody. Today's topics include the importance of getting an appraisal, as well as a pre-listing home inspection, before you put your house on the market, the clearing of trees and branches over your roof line (should it be done now or after the leaves fall?), installing a drybed for water treatment equipment, replacing your roof during the winter months, and finally, orphaned water heaters (what that means and how it can be relevant to not only your health, but the health of your home as well). Listen in, as the topics are great, and everyone can take an opportunity to learn a few more things about their house.
Emailbox Revisited: Volume 10
It seems that whenever I revisit the emailbox, more emails come in and as always, I appreciate that. Volume 10 discusses the dilemma of rent vs. buy, the difference between inspecting a shore property and a home where you spend 90 percent of your time, home inspector pricing, how to properly operate heat pumps, and finally, a rumor that The House Whisperer may be hanging up the microphone. Listen in, as the information is always useful, and may apply to you as well.
Jack Answers Listener Emails
This segment is dedicated to the faithful listeners of The House Whisperer Show. Over the past weeks, I have received numerous questions from my listeners that I wanted to address. From the beginning, The House Whisperer Show has been dedicated to my listeners. This show will cover questions regarding common elements in everyone's home, including the use of central humidifiers, heat pumps, filter maintenance, properly operating your air conditioning system, termites in cold weather periods, and opinions about buying a home during the questionable government shutdown. I ask that you listen in and respond back to if there are any questions that you would like to put before me.
Brainflushgear: You've Heard the Name, Here's the Story
With Kevin Zolna Kevin Zolna, the artistic director at Brainflushgear, spends time with The House Whisperer. Although The House Whisperer Show focuses on the workings and maintenance of the home, every once in a while Jack likes to take a ride on the wild side. As an avid motorcyclist for well over 40 years, a motorcycle trip amongst a few friends has turned into an annual event. Looking for shirts to commemorate their annual trips, these riders came across Kevin Zolna, and exceptional airbrush graphic artist, "the man" for art that expresses the wild side. Through as well as , Kevin has taken concepts from people's imagination, and has made them real. For any group, not only motorcyclists, but snowboarders, skateboarders, surfers, skiers, or any group where you live life on the edge and the adrenaline flows, I as that you listen to this show.
Email Box Revisited: Series 2
Every once in a while, I dive into the email box to pull letters from my listeners so as to cover topics that are relevant to us all. This segment includes the use of pre-fabricated fireplaces, purchasing generators, roof replacement during cold weather, and finally, aging water heaters. If any of these topics are relevant to you, I ask that you listen in, and as always, feel free to email me at Your letter may make it on the air.
Email Box Revisited Vol 3
For the third time in the series I revisit the email box. It gives my listeners an opportunity to ask questions with me about revelent topics that I feel affect everybody. The show's topics touch on aging water heaters during a real estate transaction, issues with icicles; why they are formed and how to correct it, home inspections conducted during winter weather where snow may cover the roof, walk-throughs where the initial inspections have been conducted, where the house was both vacant as well as winterized, tankless water heaters vs. standard water heaters, and why vermiculite should not be disturbed.
What are the Differences Between Inspecting an Inland House vs. a House at the Beach?
I reached back into the email box and grabbed this letter from Gwen, who is looking to purchase a home along one of the many shore points that are available on the New Jersey coast. The homes at the shore are actually way ahead structurally than the homes being built inland, because of weather conditions. Life expectancies are shorter for major components within the home at the beach because of salt air, sun, and wind. If you are thinking about buying a home at the beach, listen in and I may be able to help you with some good advice before you make that major purchase.
Duct Cleaning: Is It Worth It?
One thing I truly enjoy about this show is answering email from my listeners and/or my realtors. During the course of a home inspection, I was asked by one of our realtors in Bucks County about the benefits of duct cleaning. This show discusses not only proper filtration and the maintenance of humidifiers, but also how to find a qualified duct cleaning service, and if you really need it. Before you invest anywhere from $400 - $800, depending on the size and complexity of your home, I would ask that you listen in to help you make that decision.
We Visit The Mailbox (Volume 4)
It's been a few months since I dedicated a show to my listeners. I spend this segment answering questions that can pertain to everybody. Ryan from Manayunk had a question about his older home with radiators and service contracts, Susan from Warrington had fall questions about planting shrubs, Shaun from Willow Grove had questions regarding screen panels in his newer insulated windows, Carol from Philadelphia has an older 100amp service and had questions about its replacement, Paul from New Hope lives in the country and wanted my opinion on generators. I ask that you listen in, as some of the issues that my listeners have may pertain to you as well.

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